Sunday, November 14, 2010


I'll take inspiration where I can get it. This fall it came in the form of my beloved SF Giants baseball team going all the way to the World Series - and winning it! In addition to thoroughly enjoying watching the playoffs and Series I attended the Victory Parade down Market Street in San Francisco with my daughter, sister, brother and some other friends. It was especially sweet to experience the celebration with my siblings. As kids we used to get packed up in the family station wagon and make the trek to San Francisco to watch games at Candlestick. We'd stay after to try and get autographs from our heroes - Willie McCovey, Bobby Bonds (with his kids en tow including Barry), Juan Marichal and Tito Fuentes. My brother even emulated the high leg kick of Marichal when he pitched in his Little League games. I was too young to remember the '62 Series but experienced their futile attempts to win the World Series in 1989 and "oh so close but no cigar" in 2002. The unofficial motto of the team this year was "Torture" - because of the ups and downs and close one-run games. It all came together in the end.

I've posted a couple of shirt designs in my Cafe Press store that express the happiness and pride I have towards my Giants. Here's a preview and a link to my Cafe Press store:

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